When you love something you mark yourself with it forever.

Or until the next day.
We got temporary Pokemon tattoos in so I gave myself a full sleeve.
These newfangled ones don't stay on very long though. I had to remove them this morning because they'd mostly rubbed off.

Pokemon sheets! Yay!


Help us, Agatha Christie!

I came to work one morning many months ago to find a severed tiger head behind the toilet in the ladies' restroom. Sure, it's a stuffed tiger. And it can be taken out of inventory.

But it's a very ultraviolent thing to see when you first get to work. Instead of blood spatter there were bits of fuzz everywhere.

I forgot that I took pictures of this.

If you weren't convinced a bookstore is a forsaken and basically insane place to work I hope this helps you along. Unless you like severed heads. Then by all means, go for it!

Nicolas, Patron Saint of the Buy Counter.

We are no longer in his presence and now the buy counter sucks. I bet if he was still there people wouldn't yell at us as much.

Classic literature is for losers!

I took pictures of the awesomeness Nathan and I created today at work... which sold not 20 minutes later, I'm told. ;)

We realized we had a cube FULL of Cliffs Notes, which apparently never sell. And are never run out to the shelves, I guess. So Nathan ran them out and made a flat of the rest. I also suggested "bundles of knowledge" but they just ended up being recycled instead of bundled.

Can you tell I was being a little snarky on the label?

This is what happens when parents tell you they need Pride and Prejudice - the movie, the book, and the Cliffs Notes.

I am a bitter old lady!