A baby that isn't a kitty!

Super happy about being held by mom.
Why do you keep following me with that thing?
This is his mean face.

When I went home I had the pleasure of seeing one of the only children I sincerely enjoy being around, my nephew Bladen. :D (You must understand that I work retail and therefore hate children for the most part.)

His hobbies include fixing cars, eating basketballs, beating animals when he means to pet them, drooling on himself, playing with his nipples because he just now realized they exist, yelling to get attention so I'll pick him up, manipulating people with cuteness to get what he wants, nakey time and running away from my camera. :)

He's a busy little man.

Projects and more projects.

Yesterday when I got off work I made some salsa. I just got back from visiting my mom, and she sent me back with some absolutely beautiful peppers and tomatoes. The tomatoes are sweet and firm, and the peppers are dangerous as all get out.

She warned me about them - the guy who grows them lets them cross pollinate like crazy, so you never really know the type of pepper that will come out. Jalapenos that taste like habaneros, for example.

I cut open the poblano (the top picture) and it was beautiful and smelled mighty hot, so I figured it would be fine. But after I mixed the salsa together and tasted it, I decided I'd add another pepper. I chose a very unassuming looking little jalapeno... now my salsa is really exciting.

The jalapeno has a very grassy taste, and it's so wonderful until the heat hits you. Most of the salsa is relatively mild, but every few bites you get a taste of the jalapeno and you know the heat is on its way.

I haven't done much else but make salsa since I've been home. I did buy a mop and sew up another eye mask... but that's about it.

I do have lots of stuff planned for the upcoming couple weeks... a robot embroidery, Faberge eggs, applique on this awesome wool coat I found, perfecting my pin-up girl makeup. Other things too, like the chastity belt, but that's farther away.

I think I need another vacation from work. ;)