Kentucky State Fair, yeah!

Oh yes. A day filled with food, mullets, obesity, annoying children, sun, fun, and singing pigs. Oh, and some ugly lamps, Jesus cross stitch, quilts, terrible clothing, and tons more! And lots of pictures of Jason, because he kept wandering into my shots. Yay.

First up - food! Tons of it - no deep fried twinkies, pickles, or snickers bars as far as I saw, though. Very sad. But I did get roasted corn! YES!! I love you, corn on the cob.

We started out the day with funnel cake. See how excited Jace looks? Oh yes. So excited. He really only gets excited about ugly children and Metal Gear Solid.

Jace got some excellent fries and BBQ at the same food tent. He said the BBQ tasted like a sloppy joe. I don't agree. I warned him I was going to take lots of pictures today. He still didn't like it.

Later we also had ice cream but I don't have photo documentation of that. I had peach and Jace had chocolate. And then he wandered off before the singing pig bit and bought a huge icee and a bag of cotton candy.

If you'd like a better look at the mullet - here it is. Glorious. I sort of hope she's in the wheelchair because she was in an epic fight in defense of her mullet. Rock on, lady!

The complete set of photos can be found in my flickr account. ^_^


Get well soon.

Jeff is my #1 Will Smith Goodness supplier. Thank you, sir!

Oriental booty.

No, not that sort.

Seth and I decided to go grocery shopping today. I mostly decided this because I was in dire need of tapioca pearls. We went to a couple places off third street, with really generic sounding "Oriental" and "Vietnam" names. Do not be fooled by the names, though! They were amazing.

I will most certainly be going back.

Not only did I find three varieties of tapioca pearls, I also found the straws that are necessary to drink it properly along with green tea flavored boba mix. :D

I also bought some good quality fish sauce and lots of little candies and ginger and jasmine teas. Weeeee! Today was a good day afterall.

I just need to learn how to talk & read about food in foreign languages and I'll be all set.


Laundry day.

See you there.
Underthings, tumbling.

So I had that stuck in my head the entire time while doing the laundry. I also later subjected four new people to the glory that is Dr. Horrible. Obsessed, you say? Pffft.

Last night was bad movie night. We watched Bloodrayne 2. Uwe Boll is quite frankly one of the most ridiculous people in the history of the world. We attempted to re-watch some of the movie with commentary, but he basically speaks jibberish, talks about how there are people waiting for him downstairs, yawns, and tries to remind everyone that he is a movie making master, and if you disagree... well... then his astonishing grasp of cursing in English comes out in full force. ^_^

To witness the genius of Uwe Boll, click here. It's even better if you or someone else read it aloud in a funny accent.


Broken toe = long days.

Yesterday I broke my toe. Yesterday ended up being a very unproductive and stabby day.

Today, though, I'm not feeling the stabby as much. I'm still not able to stand on it for long amounts of time or move around properly because of the suffocating fear of accidentally hitting my toe on something, but I think I might get something done! Yay!

Yesterday I just spent a lot of time Stumbling and making half-assed cleaning attempts.

I suppose I should just be happy that I broke it two days before I had two days off, which leads to four days of recovery time. I'll hopefully be able to get back into work on Tuesday!

As of right now I am trying to figure out crochet again. I have so far only accumulated a big pile of fail. (Part of that is pictured above.)

I might need to move on to sewing up an adipose. :D


Bike rides and projects.


I bought a bike on Sunday and today is the first day I've neglected it. I feel guilty. I'm seriously lacking in the energy department after staying up so late to finish season 3 of Doctor Who.

Plus, I really do need to get on Google Earth and map out some routes to bike. Frankfort Ave. is just busy enough that I feel as though I need a plan if I'm going to venture out on to it. As of right now I'm riding in circles in my little part of the 'hood (street cred, yeah!) and trying to take all the big hills close by. I'd like to go exploring a bit more.

I've also finally finished my Robot so I am able to start a new project. I think it will be chastity belts. Oh, and also building a TARDIS.

I should also begin documenting my trip to San Francisco. That was the whole point of this anyway. Whoops. Oh, hey, look at that. I've posted one of my pictures! PROGRESS!


Sewing with Chester.

Today I am finishing my Instructables Robot plushie. (Well, actually, the third plushie, but the official one to boot.)

Chester has been hanging out with me and telling me stories about being a street cat. I suppose I've adopted him - considering I've named him and I feed him and play with him everyday.

He's quite fancy, though, isn't he?


Let the jiggy begin.

Greetings, internets.

I am here because I have things I need to remember. Yay!