I never posted the Weasley dress!


I made this from the burda pattern "maryy" for the premiere of the latest film. I actually wore it both times I went to see it.

I went with Gryffindor colors and the best family ever.

Plus, I have the biggest crush on Ron. <3


Meet Max.

Our newest addition!
He's around two months old and perhaps the cutest thing ever. Well, unless you ask the other cats... I don't think they'd agree quite yet!

I actually got him from work - he had been separated from his family and a couple of boys helped catch him and were trying to find him a home. I have no willpower when it comes to kittens, so of course I said yes!
Our next adventure will be going to the vet. 


Where the Wild Things Are hat!

I just realized I forgot to post about this here!

I've posted it on Burdastyle, Craftster, and as always, on instructables!

The PDF pattern and how-to are on instructables!

Felt wallet prototype.

I've never sewn a wallet before.
I'm not crazy about machine sewing felt.
The lower card pockets need to be taller, and the upper ones, shorter.
The tops of the pockets need to be reinforced.

But I do heart moustaches.
I got that part right!

Next time I'll fix the rest.

A purse to lose sleep over.

Which is exactly what I did.

But it's gorgeous, and worth it. I don't even care that I was so tired I sewed the lining and outside together inside out the first time and had to seam rip the entire top of the bag and realign the handles.

I'm also very proud of the pleats - twas my first time!

It's made from a pattern in Bend the Rules Sewing, which is an excellent book. I made the inside pocket far too big, though, because of a typo. But I'll know for next time! This time, I think I'm going to handsew pleats into the pocket as well!


The Didi monster is sleeping. ^_^


Maybe this will make me do more?

I sat around last night and drew some letters that I then cut out of cardboard.

Good stress release after a poopy day. I decided to leave them as-is, but I hung them up with scotch tape in case I want to decorate them later. ^_^

This morning, I woke up pretty.

Thought I should document this. It's happening more often and it makes me happy.

No makeup, no washing my hair or messing with it, just a quick shower and I'm done.

I've never been one to spend an hour or two getting ready, but spending no time getting ready to be seen by other people is preferable.