Start of a new project.

Books and books and books. Been sitting on this one for some time now. I'm happy to get started.



I love thrift stores. Well, two in particular.

#1 - The Answer in Benton, Ky
#2 - Wayside Christian Mission in Louisville, KY

They are both huge and filled to the brim with awesome. I would recommend coming to Benton for Tater Day and staying for The Answer.

Recently, I found a whole pattern box FULL of patterns for $1.99 at Wayside. I finally unpacked it tonight and I don't know that I've ever been more excited about the 1970's. :D

Plus, a vintage apron pattern! Score! And the box is crazy 70's green, which I love. A lot.


Young Christian Boys Find Internet, Create Epic Fail.

You dissed me aerlier about saying how un unchristian it was to like boobs. well, you see, its normal to like boobs ok? wether your christian or not, i try to stay as sin free as possible but god made women with breasts for the purpose of feeding a baby, but also to attract someone to have the baby with. So technically and religiously, its not a sin to like boobs. thats how god created us, and that is how we some are. they like boobs. WHAT is a sin, is going up to little teenager with big boobs and molesting them. thats a sin, not liking boobs. just to clear some stuff up. but seriously, i know your christian and stuff like me, but that doesnt mean you have to tell other people that liking boobs isnt ok.



Giant moustache, part 2.

In summary, I have great friends. :D


Giant stuffed moustache.

This is what I made today. I quite like it.

I can't wait to go to work tomorrow and take pictures of everyone with it on. :D

I documented the whole thing on Instructables as usual if anyone wants to know how to make their own. ^_^


Kevin Sorbo makes everything better.

Color a robot, you say?

Okay, but I'll need to take it to the max!


Fast Food Bannage.

I have banned fast food from my diet. I finally gave up after a eating spell at Taco Bell led me on an awful migraine journey that lasted for four days.

I have no reason to eat it besides being lazy, really. And that's no excuse! So I've been making a little list of reason not to eat fast food, to keep myself on the straight and narrow fast food hating track. :D

#1 - Those are not real potatoes.
#2 - I don't really like meat that much, especially mystery meat!
#3 - I'm an awesome cook.
#4 - I like fresh fruits and veggies.
#5 - I can cook cheaper with fresh foods, hence saving monies.
#6 - Planning ahead and packing a lunch means I don't have to venture out into traffic and get stressed out during my lunch break.
#7 - I can control what I'm eating.
#8 - No sass from disgruntled fast food workers that hate their job. (Not that I blame them at all, I gave sass when I worked at McD's.)
#9 - The food has probably been sitting there for hours if they've been slow, and chances are the employees have been picking at it and slowly devouring everything in sight. It's what happened at McD's.
#10 - I keep remembering the lady at KFC who scooped out mac and cheese into tubs with her hands, and then licked her hands. It was surreal, but I'm sure it probably happens often.

...and a million other reasons, I'm sure.

I've been clean for over a month now, except for a couple of days ago when I got french fries from Penn Station, but I don't think that counts because I know those are real potatoes, and they fry them to order and they're not so scary. :D