It's still snowing!

I had to park my car about a 1/4 of a mile away from the apartment last night and walk because the streets are still terrible. I ice skated home, basically. All of the snow is becoming compacted and getting really slick. 

I'm wondering if I'll be able to get my car out this morning, which is silly, because I managed to make it to work yesterday after Jeff dug my car out. :P

Also - no boots or shovels in sight. I guess the rest of Louisville was thinking the exact same thing. Whoops!

We're also growing some extremely badass icicles on the back porch. If Stephenie Meyer shows up, I'm ready.


Snow day, part 2.

We got about eight inches of snow total, and two layers of ice at the bottom and in the middle! Jace and I walked around twice, and even had to do the plastic bag under socks trick so our feet wouldn't get wet.

Tomorrow my classes are cancelled, and I don't know about work yet. But I am definitely going to buy a pair of boots and a shovel. :D

Morning pictures!

Only a few so far. It was snowing too hard to take Jace's fancy camera out.

Snow day!

Yesterday was pretty crazy. Today is a blizzard!

We've got about an inch, inch and a half of ice. In addition to about five inches of snow and rising! Yesterday Jace and I walked around and he took some really great pictures with his fancy new camera. :D (I took some too, but mine are the poopy ones.)

Our whole neighborhood is covered in ice and snow - especially today! Yesterday when we walked around everything was icy, and it sleeted the entire time. Today it's really windy and snowing. We got up early and walked around. Trees and branches are falling left and right - several roads in our neighborhood are completely blocked! We watched some of them fall - it's pretty dangerous right now. I listened to them falling all morning while I was getting ready for work.

As it turns out, though, work is cancelled! We're probably going to go out again later once the snow and wind calms down. Right now we're drying off and watching the news. I'm hoping we'll have better pictures later! There's ice coating everything and it's beautiful!


Working out...

With Cher!

Today is abs day, and I was feeling not so excited about doing it. This Cher workout video is my abs inspiration.

It came into work and I got so excited about it (read flapping of arms, dancing, and giggling) that my friend Kristy gave me an extra VCR she had just so I could watch it.

It really does have one of the best ab workouts ever. It's only 10 minutes, and you won't feel it right away, but give it a half hour. Then it feels like Cher's fitness instructor has kneed you in the stomach. ^_^

Plus, she wears the craziest workout outfits I've ever seen. Combat boots and a tutu? COUNT ME IN, LADY!


Kiwano fruit, I love you!

Seriously, how cute is this little fruit? It looks like a demented katamari. Jace found it while shopping tonight and I just had to have it. When we got home I checked my ever handy produce field guide and it told me it tasted like a cucumber crossed with a banana.
Cut it in half, it says, and so I do. I can't say I was expecting this. It's a good thing I have a serious picture taking problem. This is a food adventure worth documenting.
It's full of little seeds I'd compare to a cucumber, and it has membranes like those of a citrus fruit, but softer. The seeds are surrounded by green jell-o. Yes, green jell-o. The books tells me to use a spoon to scoop the insides out, and so I do.
This is the shell of the fruit, after I scooped the seeds and jell-o out. I scooped into a little ramekin and then added a pinch of sugar, as instructed.
The kiwano is my new favorite flavor of jell-o. It's bubbly and tart and sweet and slightly crunchy all at the same time. The colors are so vibrant and wonderful. I think I must go back to meijer and buy more.


Happy birthday Nicolas Cage!

Nicolas Cage.

I hope you continue to wear leather pants in your movies for many years.